[PSA]Potentially new Unusual Trade Server from Skial.

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    [PSA]Potentially new Unusual Trade Server from Skial.
    After some thinking, I realized that the trading community could use a third unusual trade server in the US. Me being a very active member in the Skial community, made a suggestion on their forums to add an unusual trade server. To my surprise, Bottiger (the head admin of Skial) is willing to give this a shot. Bottiger stated in order for the server to stay, it must be populated. As an incentive to join the server, there is going to be a contest and the most active users will win items! Please spread the word of this server, I really want it to take off as I want the trading community to grow and thrive. :)

    Here is the thread for more information.


    Author: Nlippery_Sipple

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