PSA: It is now possible to track domination (assists) as a Medic.

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    PSA: It is now possible to track domination (assists) as a Medic.
    The release of the December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update) all strange parts can be applied strange cosmetics items. This change further drove up the (already sky rocketing) price of most strange parts. It also appeared to enable Medics and Engies to finally track dominations the primary way they earned them: via assists and sentry kills, respectively. Sadly, after some [extensive testing]( on the part of myself and others, it was quite clear that Teuton and the Texan would have no such luck. At least they still had Strange Cosmetic Part: Assists...

    At some point recently, I'm guessing with the Meet Your Match update, Valve changed how Strange Part: Dominations works when it is applied to cosmetic item least on Medic.

    Last night I bought [this fucking thing]( off the SCM. It it was reasonably cheap, and came with the parts, paint, name/desc. This Halloween update has really chafed my starfish, so I take my TF2 amusement where I can find it. At that point I still believed that SP: Doms worked as it had since tough break so I thought "gee, the seller was quite a combat medic." Later that evening I joined the Skial LA 32 man/instant respawn 2Fort Shit Show AKA my favorite late night hangout. Say what you will about Skial (and there is a legion of bad things, including that they let their donors [wear]( [fake]( [unusual]( [hats]( which is, or [was,]( in violation of Valve's ToS) but they manage to run populated servers with my preferred game mode. I did my usual routine of being [an absolute shithead with the Vaccinator]( and [earned myself some dominations.]( All but one of those were assists of course. I did get one Domination kill with my Crusader's Crossbow. feelsgoodman.jpg I thought "gee, there's one dom on the Gauzed Gaze at least) and went back popping explosive resistance bubbles against the endless Demo spam.

    When I exited out of game I was pleasantly surprised to see that my GG [had 7 doms on it]( and the one kill I'd managed. That can only mean one thing: SP Doms now tracks assist dominations for medic. Evil medics like myself [rejoice]( at the news.

    I did some further testing this afternoon, I'm afraid that Short Builder Man is still out of luck. Sentry kills do not level up Strange Cosmetic Part: Kills (which is fine) or Strange Part: Dominations when on a cosmetic (which [sucks.]( Strange Cosmetic Part: Assists works as it always had. [Dammit]( Valve.

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