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Before this thread gets locked down, I respect your concern about playing/enjoying our skial servers. You stated you have been playing online games for 50years w/o the need to cheat. Thats great!
  • So you openly admitted you play from work that uses Geforce Now software of which our skial community has absolutely no propriety control over.
  • Secondly, Geforce Now software (btw...we don't own) had been identified as having vulnerabilities that some players chose to exploit for their own gaming advantages over the rest us gamers who expect to play their games as it was intended. GFN by Nvidia's own admission that it had serious anti-cheat issues with it's own product
  • You state, your using a "basic video card". GFN is not just an average "basic video card" (see point #2)
  • Then in your own words, you describe our skial community and its members here for being "toxic", "authoritarian" "bad parenting", "no reading/comphrehension skills"... which I feel very offended by.

In conclusion,

What you do in your own personal/work life is your own business. Clearly, our skial community members in this thread made attempts to convey to you that while GFN software issues remain a threat to skial and to all the players that play here, we take a "ZERO TOLERENCE" to any form of cheating. I believe you have misdirected your misplaced anger and frustration towards us. Our skial community is to be commended for keeping this community safe and inclusive for all. I'm sorry you feel upset about the loss of your gaming enjoyment here. But as you stated earlier, you seem to have no issue when playing from home. And if you still believe I'm still a "child" for how I tried to respond to your IP:PROXY concern, that's on you.


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As my original post states, I connect just fine from home using the standard application but when I'm at work using GeForce NOW, I get the error.

It's pretty obvious that you don't care. Fine. Like I said, I'll just play somewhere else. There are plenty of other servers that don't suffer from these kinds of extreme authoritarian measures. If these are the lengths you must go to, your community must be pretty toxic. It's an obvious warning sign for me to avoid you completely. I've been gaming for almost 50 years (back to the Atari 2600) and never felt the need to cheat. To lump honest players like me together with cheaters is frankly insulting.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and making it clear that I'm not welcome here.

Just play somewhere else and shut the fuck up about it.