Approved Please add more Surf maps.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tony Pajamas, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Tony Pajamas

    Tony Pajamas Unremarkable User

    The Surf servers are excellent to play on. But they are severely lacking in variety, with four simple surfs, two style surfs, three arenas, and two difficult surfs.

    Eleven maps total and some rarely see the light of day if they're not nominated or rotated to in unpopular hours.

    I would like to propose adding several more maps, with personal suggestions being:

    surf_nameless -
    surf_flux_arena_b3 -
    surf_chaos_fix_v3 -
    surf_rez -
    surf_lullaby_redone_rc1 -
    surf_twilight_rc2 -
    surf_venice_v2 -
    surf_toast_llf -
    surf_tensile -
    surf_thrill3r_tf2 -

    If anyone else has suggestions for surf maps to add, please note and link them. The more surf, the better!

  2. Tony Pajamas

    Tony Pajamas Unremarkable User

    In addition, I would like to propose the removal of the following two maps:

    surf_greatriver: Basically everyone's first surf, but no one surfs the whopping three ramps anymore and it becomes a campfest in spawn and at the easy-to-reach top points. Also, still has a racial slur emblazoned across the map.
    surf_10x_complete_reloaded: Another crappy surf with next to no ramps and nothing to do but camp the top and jail. A bunch of other servers run this 24/7, no point wasting surf time on skial.
    surf_mesa_tf2: The big daddy of shit maps, with no jail, a short, easy surf, shared spawn, and every fail on the surf putting you back at spawn except without spawn protection devolves into a capital S shitfest.
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