Declined Petition for Dr_Horrors to return or an updated version

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by samhunt12, Aug 7, 2018.


Should dr_horrors be brought back?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. Yes but an updated version with no exploits

  1. samhunt12

    samhunt12 Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    I'm making a prototype map that covers all of those exploits, i will link it when done
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  2. samhunt12

    samhunt12 Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    update, the editing went horribly wrong (i clipped the exploit areas but the decompiling destroyed the map) but I found a map that seems to be better than the old one as the first trap is not climbable and the roof exploit doesn't work:
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  3. [Z4T]bapub

    [Z4T]bapub Somewhat Threatening Sniper Contributor


    Everything was said, +1
  4. Meowcenary

    Meowcenary TF2 Admin Contributor


    The point I'm trying to make is even if the map is popular among the deathrun players, it was still receiving little, if any player traffic according to the server's logs. (Assuming it was indeed removed for lack of player traffic and not something like crippling bugs)

    We're not denying you guys like the map. I liked the map too.

    But if a map is receiving little to no traffic it goes poof. It can't be kept in rotation because maps that drive away player traffic can severely damage the server's overall player population

    Also for the record I'm just explaining why the map likely went away. I'm not saying it can't come back, that's up to you guys to convince Bottiger. But if it does make a return you guys should help drive player traffic to the map when possible by playing on it. The more player traffic on the map means the more likely it will stay.
  5. KinCryos

    KinCryos TF2 Admin Contributor Mapper


    people will always waste time. the button doesn't change anything, it sets two of the traps at random and tells Hale which one "failed" to prime, provided that nobody already passed through a doorway which automatically sets the traps in the other two doorways.

    the best way to handle it would be a hint message that says one of three things, such as
    • (if you're the first runner there and Hale hasn't hit the button yet) "These traps haven't been primed yet, whatever doorway you choose will be safe but traps in the other two will be set..."
    • (if another runner got through before Hale hit the button) "Someone's been here... hope they marked the path they took 'cause that's the safe one, the other two aren't..."
    • (if Hale has hit the button) "Two of the traps have been set at random. Good luck..."
  6. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Legendary Skial King Legendary Mapper


    People always hang around at choice doors, it's pretty much a part of deathrun.
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  7. Windows95

    Windows95 Uncharitable Spy


    If this is possible, then yes, it's the best option
  8. serbey

    serbey Uncharitable Spy


    +1 Used to play back when the map was still in rotation, I found the map incredibly popular, find it hard to believe the map had diverted server traffic. Needs to come back.
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