New cheater-wawe in Europe

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, Mar 27, 2018.

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    New cheater-wawe in Europe
    In the past days I have encountered some cheaters, all coming in groups, always reconnecting. Having unusals, max rank etc.
    I have been thinking that if this goes on like this, will community servers like skial be the near only alternative? Where active admins keep the order? I heared that the situation is worse in CS:GO, but I would really not want to see TF2 at that state.
    The TF-team is really pushed to get us a competitive update but if they do release it, wihout dealing with this problem first. I love how much the community demands the allmighty comp and is entaged when finds out that its not working - maybe because Valve would need to fix problems first.

    It might be that cheaters get away so easily because the VAC team is focusing rather on Source2? It would make sense to me.

    Author: SpamminEagle
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