Arena.net and many other companies allowing beta plays have been looking for a good number players with 'low-spec' computers lately, the same way they have been handing out other surveys collecting information on the player's experience on a type of game and picking those who seem like noobs.

Oh well. I have Oblivion and Fallout NV as well as a lot of Half-Life that still needs playing.

I think my friend got in though. He must seem to like it since I've not heard any complaints.

pr1mus da scr1pt

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political system? lol
or something, i played for a few hours; it was pretty entertaining but aside from the combat it didn't really have much going for it, i got a real WoW vibe from it (buffs, minimap and questlog are nearly identical to WoW) and it doesn't help i was already severely biased towards GW2 to begin with. also you can play as a twelve year old girl.

someone told there was a political system or something, which becomes apparent late-game, supposedly people can take control of certain areas.