Got kicked for "cheating" again

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Got kicked for "cheating" again
    Hasn't happened in a while but I was kicked by an admin of a Skial server for being too good with my reflects and upseting the local soldier main pubstomper.

    I know this isn't an uncommon trend for any class except maybe medic, but being kicked without proof for just doing well is especially disheartening as pyro.

    If you m1 too much, you're brainless trash who isn't even trying and doesn't deserve. If you m2 too well, you're using scripts or hacking in some way because no one uses m2. It's a frustrating cycle that is always started by some top-scoring soldier who cannot fathom someone being better than him, and therefore must be cheating.

    Its very frustrating and unfortunately there's no point in arguing it because of the "you play pyro and therefore have no opinion regardless of skill lol joke class" circlejerk.

    Author: Zacchhh
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    If you were gonna be punished for cheating it would of been a ban and then demos would of been taken and other admins would of looked at it to come to a consensus per every other admin ban for cheating ever on the forums. I feel the entire story isn't being told.
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