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I wanted to get this update out quick for both OPM and TFCSoldier. This should fix some bugs found with OPM.

//Version 1.3.3 TFCSoldier Update//

Changelog - Version 1.3.3
Ability cooldowns have been adjusted.
*Rocket Launcher
-Price has been increased from 35000 - 45000.
-Dmg to buildings has been decreased from 1495% dmg increase to 445% dmg increase. <Should cause players to use other abilities to approach sentry nest from now on.>

*Demo Shield Buffs
-Now last only for 6 sec.

*Supportive Buildings
-Cooldown has been increased to 60 sec instead of 50 sec.

*Disable Buildings
-Price has been increased to 35000 instead of 25000.

*Scouts Cola
-Now last only 7 sec instead of 15 sec.

-Now last 8 sec instead of 12 sec.

*Darwin Effect
-Now last only 15 sec instead of 18 sec.

//Minor One Punch Man Update//

*Rage dmg has been increased greatly to 8000. <Was done as he is already really good on his own.
*MaxSpeed decreased to 305. <This makes the user focus more on the glide to gain higher speeds.>
*Rage duration has been decreased back to original 5 sec.
*Fixed issue with incorrect weapon being shown in hud.
*Fixed ability Consecutive Normal Punches not lasting the right amount of time.
*HP formula is now 450 instead of 480. <Should be last hp change.>

-TFCSoldier V1.3.3 + OPM
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