Maple Syrup

Uncharitable Spy
Sorry if this change is sudden, but after trying him out on the server I could see many problems right away.

Someone told me that his small size made it hard for sentries to even hit him. They could not land a shot unless he crouched so I increased the model size and reworked the hitboxes to work better. Failed to notice this while testing.

Also did some balance changes. Can't do much balancing at the moment due to not enough info but I will keep working on the boss to keep him up to date.

Version 1.0.4 changes:
*IMPORTANT FIX! Model size has been increased to fix issues with sentries not being able to hit boss and many other things. Hitboxes have been reworked.
*Increased rage dmg from 6200 to 6500.
*Lowered kb resistance from 40% to 30%.
*Lowered minimum speed from 295 to 275

Here is the dropbox link to the zip file. Only contains what was changed. Pig

Once again here is the allied modders page just in case as well.
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