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Invalid Appeal: waste of my time

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by waste of my time, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. waste of my time

    waste of my time Unremarkable User

    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:
    I keep getting auto-kicked and temp banned for "proxy address" and every time it says to appeal here. I play with a LTE mobile router that works just fine on every other TF2 server, and fine with every other online game I play.

    Your server message specifically said to appeal the auto-kick here but I didn't see a separate section for that, so I hope this ban appeal section will be acceptable. Thanks in advance for your competent and proactive help with resolving this issue so it does not happen again.

    Player ;
    Boop ur face
    Steam ID [U:1:51278109]
    Steam2 STEAM_0:1:25639054
    Steam Community 76561198011543837
    IP address [​IMG]
    Invoked on 07-16-17 17:09
    Banlength 10 min
    Expires on 07-16-17 17:19
    Reason Proxy IP
    Banned by Admin CONSOLE
    Banned from Web Ban
    Total Bans (search)
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  2. Pedro the fabulous

    Pedro the fabulous TF2 Admin Contributor Master Mapper



    Your steam profile is private, so you don't pass the criteria. You need to make it public.
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  3. waste of my time

    waste of my time Unremarkable User

    how is that relevant, just do an IP assessment, and then exempt me from whatever terribly coded filter that's causing the issue.... Can I speak to someone who understands the internet pls?
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  4. ozzeh / dave

    ozzeh / dave TF2 Admin Contributor

    You will know how it's relevant if you read the rules quoted above.

    Talking like that sure won't help you any.

    Your IP is a Verizon IP so I'll just leave you with this.

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  5. waste of my time

    waste of my time Unremarkable User

    LOL well I see my username was well chosen... Your mods/admins got so mad at someone making them face how powerless and insignificant they are that you banned all wireless provider IP's.....
    The fact that you and no other server does this is telling all by itself, but it still needs saying that the logic behind it is ridiculous and indicative of the silly kids running skial needing to feel like they aren't completely insignificant.
    I mean my god, the IP ban is secondary to the account ban which would mean having to re-create a new steam account and then go though reelecting all your preferences and settings... THAT'S the prohibitive part....

    Besides anyone with a remedial reading level and the ability to google can easily reset the IP address of ANY router, I do it all the time. So your feeble and desperate attempt to get back at the likely single individual who made you feel foolish, only achieved losing players on your ( already dwindling, and few remaining) servers.

    I know it must suck now with TF2 dying and your severs going belly up, you kids who thought you could build something and become someone who matters with a few game servers and a message board , now find yourselves at the brink of total failure , it makes sense you'd lash out with mindless self destructive trivial actions. So I don't blame you, I got the answer I came looking for, it's just more sad than I'd have guesses. I'll play on the plenty of better servers that still exist
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  6. Sakiko

    Sakiko TF2 Admin Contributor


    If you have army of lemmings running through your front door and upset your family and everyone, would you not close the front door and lock it?.

    You should blame the provider for having inferior rules regarding its network and it would not be a source for those to hide behind. Which brings me to your profile, All you have to do is make it public then you can play here i am sure you can google how to do this if you need help

    As for TF2 Dying it affects you too buddy, How does it feel to have the game you cleary from the post and being so upset about also dying as well soon you be left to valve servers, we will see you when those other servers die too but have great fun on them.
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