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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Juice Wayne, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Juice Wayne

    Juice Wayne Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    Thank you all for the comments and support so far. All forms of feedback are greatly appreciated.
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  2. bl0

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    It's simple really, you give me free pizza and I leave thoughtful comments on your admin application. ;)
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  3. ZamMan

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    Made an account to act as a "reference", I suppose. I don't play on Skial much less community servers anymore so...sorry if this is weird.
    I'm the former head admin of Railbait and Robin was an admin under me (The community that Robin put in his application as previous experience. That community is dead now. Also my steam acc is linked to this one if you want to confirm my claim too).

    Robin knows how to play the game well. He knows fishy behavior and when to call it out or take action. He knows the commands too, obviously.
    He was a good adviser when I needed it and backed up his logic when his rationale was needed. I can't even recall if I had any issues with his decisions or the execution of those decisions.

    Robin was a great admin for Railbait and would be a great admin for Skial.
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  4. Crisis

    Crisis Scarcely Lethal Noob


    I've known robin for a bit now. He is an extremely knowledgeable player as he's been playing the game for what seems like an eternity. He's very down to earth and communicates with people very well. In the time I've played with him, I've never known him to flame anyone regardless of the situation (Which is surprising because as I'm sure everyone knows, there's always that guy that brings out the worst in you lol.)
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