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The lighting looks amazing and I've tested it out. Was pretty fun, we should give it a try.

GameBanana Link:

Description from Page:

After endless amount of energy drinks, i can finally present you my most beautiful map -

I've been working on this map for months, It was very hard making this in solo. But i've finally made it!

This is a map based on "swamp" theme.

This map haves unique atmosphere of bog, 2 boss battles, 19 manual traps, 3 auto traps, and spooky location

Map haves 4 minigames:

Crash spinner is something unique in deathrun segment at all, that's an combination of crash game and spinner, try not to be dead after 5 seconds!

Race 1v1 with blue to see who will win! Cars will have nitro boost which boosts them up. Speeeeeed

Secret Boss Use your brains to reach out what hides behind that stupid "Secret Boss" description!

Dance Revolution - Dance until your death! Wasted A LOT of time on this. Take a fight with a blue in dance minigame! Who scores more points - win!

Hopefully you will enjoy <3



More images on GameBanana Page


This map has been out for a while and doesn't seem to be popular on other servers so it is going to take a lot of support to have it added.


Mildly Menacing Medic
map had a camera bug do to the boss but idk if its still there the bug was common. Still would be nice to have this map its ez tho.