1. Public Enemy

    Different raid block timer 10x

    I am confused on why raid block went down from 24 hours to 12 hours. A majority of the server is US and since it's 12 hours by the time raid block is done most of the people on the server are offline and therefore it leads to you getting offlined. I would suggest either changing it to a 6 hour...
  2. 3 idiots

    Need Supporters new game mode Saxton Hale vs Randomizer10X

    This circus would be hillarious. Also in some server I have seen how 1 saxton hale fights against 2000 hp many saxton hales!
  3. 3 idiots

    New TF2 Randomizer 10X maps suggestions

    gamebanana.com/maps/182631 Arena. aot attack on titan mode, which makes defenders small and attackers big!(use command to respawn, because Titans can spawn stuck in textures) "Features: Play as a Titan and fight the humans to capture the next gate. Or play as a human and fend off from the...
  4. 3 idiots

    Declined Team Fortress 2, Valve. Change server with randomizer 10x

    Add there maps, some funny, like aot (attack on titans, which makes some people giants and some small) , cp_towerbridge, pl_awesome, some arenas
  5. bratyevkorostylyovyh

    on server Team Fortress 2 Randomizer 10X too raw version

    There are bugs unlike other previous versions of Randomizer 10X : Normal does not work, no weapon slot, engineer does not build and Spy does not have cloak when it is not mentioned(always had) I used !report but it never got server change version
  6. Christmas5

    Declined Change the 10x Orange back to 100% crits.

    [TF2 Server Suggestion] Over a year ago I joined the Orange 100% + Low Gravity server and made new friends who I know to this day. It was a really good and nice server, with at least 20 people regularly while it sometimes peaked at a full 32. Then I bought a game on steam and took a break from...