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[TF2 Server Suggestion]

Over a year ago I joined the Orange 100% + Low Gravity server and made new friends who I know to this day.
It was a really good and nice server, with at least 20 people regularly while it sometimes peaked at a full 32.
Then I bought a game on steam and took a break from TF2 for a long time, which was not a good idea.
I was playing on that server in December, then I came back in February or later to find out that the server has been drastically changed.

As I said, it would usually have 20-30 people playing on it (expect in the early morning when it would have 10 or something) with people talking over voicechat, playing music or trying to earrape everyone else.
After the change to 10x weapons, the player count dropped to 10 players in the evening (the time when it would have almost 30) and the server feels dead.

This was not a good change, and everyone I asked (including a few friends who I met there and some random people who knew that server) agreed that it was a strange thing to do, because the player count was good and you (Skial) would usually only make changes to servers that have an extremely low player count.

I would really, really appreciate if you, Skial could change it back to what it was, a 100% crits server with low gravity where flying scouts get headshotted by full crit snipers.

My points :
- The server has lost a lot of players because of the change.
- 10x gameplay is more unfair than 100% crits.

Please help spread this if you agree that this should change.
If you disagree, tell me why in the comments.

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Two of the main things that drove me away from Skial Orange were actually the low gravity and the 100% crits.

But if it's going to be either 10x or Crits/Grav then I'd rather have the latter because at least it was different.


The server has lost a lot of players because of the change.

This is wrong. The server was already dying out. This is the first year after matchmaking was introduced and killing off community servers at the fastest pace ever.

Because you quit the game for a long time you didn't know this and wrongly assumed it was because we changed the settings.

10x gameplay is more unfair than 100% crits.

People wanted something different. 100% crits had a good 5+ years of being the most popular setting but people got tired of it.

It doesn't matter if it is unfair, people just like it for some reason.


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Oh well, I'm just gonna try to forget that it existed.

You're right, I was gone for too long, didn't know what happened and assumed it was because of the changes.

Thanks for telling me this.