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Uncharitable Spy
aot attack on titan mode, which makes defenders small and attackers big!(use command to respawn, because Titans can spawn stuck in textures)
"Features: Play as a Titan and fight the humans to capture the next gate. Or play as a human and fend off from the titans"
Good for medieval/half-medieval mode(I have seen such on randomizer Intoxgaming)
I do not know if there are bugs if you play this map without medieval mode

There is demo in the beginning of map, showing with red arrows a couple of areas.
There with about 3 careful jumps should jump to one secret platform on the left stand there until it stops descending,and the same with the right.
With every stood platform bridge will slowly start growing by 1 part and the third parts reaches platform with control point.

In the abyss there platform with control point. Far between 2 open spawns.
There are many funny scenarios with randomizer 10x : for example if steel fists jumps overf bulks is spectacular there abyss to control point when there are no bridges - then the only way to kill him will be to jump yourself there or use sandman trying to hit that fat person with a ball!
You also can jump to enemy's spawn but it is extremely far.
Also it is challenge when snipers shoot and you try to reach left and right platforms. And structure of bulks of beams is spectacular there.

awesome map, the cart moves vertically during part of its path(1 of control points of cart is vertical). Spawns and battling areas are in cool locations. Many cool battles I played there in randomizer 10x
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