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Why am I banned for Proxy IP?

We give 10 minute bans for proxies and some small ISPs widely used by hackers to bypass IP bans.

You can be exempt from this if your Steam account is old enough. But if a hacker was already banned on this IP you will be permanently banned regardless of these exceptions.

If you were banned for 10 minutes, wait for 10 minutes and connect without a proxy. If you need to use a proxy we recommend finding another service that isn't used by hackers or setting up your own on a cheap server.

We still recommend you do not use a proxy because if a hacker taints that IP, you will be permanently banned before we can check your profile.

Why does the server say I am using a VPN when I am not?

First of all it is likely that your router is running a VPN without you knowing. You should access the control panel and try to turn it off. If it is for personal use and secured with a password, then you can ignore the warning message.

Another possibility is that there are hacker(s) repeatedly getting a new IP from your ISP and we treated it as a VPN to stop the abuse (an example of this is Verizon Wireless or GeForce Now). In this case, you can just ignore the warning, but we highly suggest that you try to find another ISP if possible.

The warning is just to tell you that if a hacker uses your IP and gets banned, you will also be banned.

Why is Geforce Now banned? You can't cheat on cloud gaming.

Wrong. We caught this person cheating on a Geforce Now ip


It was also detected by VAC so we are fairly sure you can hack on this platform.
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