What was your very first video game?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Tyknighter, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Kael

    Kael TF2 Admin Contributor

    Warcraft 2

    I still remember those days, staring at the two dimensional peasants and thinking "my god...these graphics are freakin amazing..."
  2. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Either The Incredible Machine on PC, or that old House of Illusions on the Sega with Mickey Mouse
    I can't remember but my parents had old school game consoles I supposedly played but don't even remember, the one game I remember the most is probably Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy or a few Sega games like
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  3. Defibyoulater

    Defibyoulater Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

  4. Tyknighter

    Tyknighter Totally Ordinary Human

    All of this Pokemon stuff reminds me of my first Pokemon game I was that one guy who never really got to play a real Pokemon game and fight all the gyms. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon stadium 1 and 2 (I had a gold Staduim 2 cartage as well assuming that they are rare), but my first true Pokemon game was Pokemon Black on the DS.
  5. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Oh man, Pokemon Stadium was the shit. As a kid, I spent most of my time playing Pokemon and watching the cartoon, so getting to play Stadium with 3D Pokemon was fucking mind-blowing, especially when you could transfer your own team from your game
  6. TheMiningAlex

    TheMiningAlex Totally Ordinary Human

    Probably that one game boy game that had pacman galaga dig dig galactica and some racing game
  7. Doom4life

    Doom4life Wicked Nasty Engineer

    A passed down Colecovision with the Atari attachment and several shoeboxes of video games including space invaders, donkey kong, donkey Kong junior, ET, etc.

    Still have it in the closet along with an additional Colecovision I picked up as a backup. Can't bring myself to sell it....

    Edit: Do remember playing Super Mario Bros. when I was a lil' tyke at my babysitters place. Guess that was the first game I played.
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  8. Opequon

    Opequon Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight Contributor

    I don't remember the very first game I played. The one that sticks out the most is Super Mario Bros
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  9. Reedgreat

    Reedgreat Wicked Nasty Engineer

    Probably (and unfortunately) minecraft.
  10. Tyknighter

    Tyknighter Totally Ordinary Human

    Dude don't feel ashamed, we all gotta start some where.
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  11. xKINGMOBx

    xKINGMOBx Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    My dad got a Telstar (pong) console back in '76. Yes, Im old af
  12. Vodka4Gaben

    Vodka4Gaben Gore-Spattered Heavy

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  13. san7890

    san7890 Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I remember a bunch of one-off Flash games, but I do remember my dad and I playing this DVD Alien Shooter game, he turned the Blood to Green and while I controlled the mouse, he moved the character, and we had great fun doing it. I found the DVD for it but I don't have a DVD drive in my laptop, but I really wanna relive that nostalgia.
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  14. Gameboy.exe

    Gameboy.exe Gore-Spattered Heavy Contributor

    I think it was Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and I used to play that game with my brother all the time...until we got a Gamecube for our birthday (we share one, two years apart) and played Melee non-stop
  15. LiterallyCody

    LiterallyCody Face-Melting F2Per


    This game my parents bought.
  16. DaivdBaekr

    DaivdBaekr Moderator Contributor

    pokemon blue

    we also had an NES and atari 2600
  17. JohnnyGaloshes

    JohnnyGaloshes Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor


  18. Antamania

    Antamania Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Super Mario World.
  19. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Not quite my first, but I remember this one pretty well
  20. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Also holy shit this game was fucking amazing
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