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a few nights ago I finished reading Liar Game, which in a way combines aspects of early YuGiOh (a bunch of different games) and Death Note (people outgambitting each other) into a tournament of people swindling each other in a display of magnificent badassery.

here's an overview on the rules of the very first game:
  • the game lasts 30 days
  • each player gets loaned ¥100,000,000 and a designated opponent
  • at the end of the month, representatives of the game collect the ¥100M
  • because the game is of mutual consent, players are allowed to steal money loaned to their opponent without the law getting involved
    • any money a player steals from their opponent's ¥100M is theirs to keep at the end of the game
    • any money lost to the opponent will be owed out of the player's own pockets
our main character quickly loses everything because her opponent was a former teacher she had trusted so she gets assistance from a con man who just got released from prison for taking down a multilevel marketing corporation.

that's just chapter 1, the series is 201 chapters long.

other games involved include:
  • a non-lethal variant of Russian Roulette (2-players, 24-chamber revolver, 6 blanks. each player simultaneously decides the location of 3 of the blanks, provided there's no overlap.)
  • two variations of Poker
    • 17-card Draw (2-player variant which uses only Jack through Ace of all suits and a Joker card)
    • an auction-like variant (players bid on sets of cards to form a poker hand, they can also auction off unneeded cards to other players)
  • frickin' Musical Chairs of all things (the game takes place on a small island and the chairs are initially hidden. players who are "out" still influence the game.)
  • a "Player Auction" qualifier, where players bid on potential teammates for the actual game. the object here is to make 4 teams of 4 players each. there are 19 initial players, so 3 will be disqualified at the end.
    things get really funny when one player tries to troll everyone by creating a situation where at least 11 players will be disqualified due to there being too many incomplete teams. twice.


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Dragon Ball Super I have been observing.
Latest ep is great. Zeno no playing around.
Feel bad for universe...what? NVM, I don't remember which universe I am thinking about.


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currently watching: DBSuper, Re:Creators, Sagrada Reset

currently reading: Darwin's Game, World's End Harem, Dead Tube

Darwin's Game is about a cellphone game that augments reality a little too well…
  • players get a Sigil (a superpower-like special ability), and start with a balance of 30 points
  • features PvP battles
    • killing your opponent results in a complete victory. winner takes entire balance
    • if both players survive after an hour, the winner is determined based on three aspects: Damage, Technical, and Artistic (avoiding damage). winner takes points from loser based on loser's rank
    • it's also possible to surrender
  • "Zero Point Treatment": the game kills you if your balance reaches zero at the end of battle (it doesn't apply if your balance reaches zero as the result of purchasing items or trading points for cash)
  • one rule happens to be the abridged version of the third law of thermodynamics ('you can't get out of the game')
World's End Harem kinda starts like Blue Gender, the main character has a then-incurable terminal disease and goes into cryostasis to awaken in the future when a cure is found (estimated time until cure: 5 years). he awakens in a world where the population is reduced due to crisis. instead of giant bugs eating people though, it's a virus dubbed MK Virus that wiped out every human male that wasn't in cryostasis at the time. and instead of bloodshed, there's titties.

Dead Tube is about a YouTube-like site that regularly holds contests that encourage people to become BuzzFeed, i.e. get the most views. nothing is taboo, so most people either go for porn or killing people. for each contest, the winner gets money, the loser gets the blame for any and all criminal acts committed for the sake of the contest.
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Someone recommended Death Parade to me and I'm getting bullied into giving Girls und Panzer another shot so I guess that's what I'm watching next


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I'm currently watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's sooooo good!! Lots of lessons and the plot is also well written. The graphics are also just amazing. There's not too many episodes like Naruto so you can probably finish it within a week.
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