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Warning regarding account trading

Discussion in 'Accounts/Cash/Other' started by Bottiger, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    Account trading is extremely risky. All trades are done at your own risk.

    • Trading accounts is against the terms of service of many game companies. They may seek to disable accounts they know to be traded.
    • Accounts may be stolen and disabled afterwards.
    • The owner may claim the account is stolen after they sell it to you, and then they would get the account back.
    • Battle.net accounts can be reset simply by a phone call.
    • Minecraft account. As of this post, there is no way to reset the email.
    • Steam accounts have 2 security features: Steam Guard and verified email. It may also be possible to reset the account through Steam support.
    If you sell a stolen account, you will be permanently banned here.

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  2. Jerrinho

    Jerrinho Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Minecraft accounts can be reset by contacting support and providing them with a proof of sale.
  3. Anhrak

    Anhrak Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Also to note that selling MC accounts is explicitly against their terms of use ;). I don't know how other companies stand against this though.
  4. Flame

    Flame Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Mojang don't really do anything about selling accounts unless its an account thats well known to be sold.
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