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Warning regarding account trading

Discussion in 'Accounts/Cash/Other' started by Bottiger, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Bottiger

    Bottiger (39) Administrator Frequent Trader


    Account trading is extremely risky. All trades are done at your own risk.

    • Trading accounts is against the terms of service of many game companies. They may seek to disable accounts they know to be traded.
    • Accounts may be stolen and disabled afterwards.
    • The owner may claim the account is stolen after they sell it to you, and then they would get the account back.
    • Battle.net accounts can be reset simply by a phone call.
    • Minecraft account. As of this post, there is no way to reset the email.
    • Steam accounts have 2 security features: Steam Guard and verified email. It may also be possible to reset the account through Steam support.
    If you sell a stolen account, you will be permanently banned here.

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  2. Jerrinho

    Jerrinho Scarcely Lethal Noob


    Minecraft accounts can be reset by contacting support and providing them with a proof of sale.
  3. Anhrak

    Anhrak Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    Also to note that selling MC accounts is explicitly against their terms of use ;). I don't know how other companies stand against this though.