TF2 Hitsounds + Custom Hitsounds

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    Heres a little must have feature for you guys playing TF2.

    Hitsounds, which basically play a sound every time you hit somebody, very useful as a Demoman or Solider if you have sticky traps set up or you're spamming around corners.

    To enable hitsounds
    (and yes, also enable display damage done over enemy's head)

    Custom Hitsounds
    Go here to search for hitsounds (Search Quake for low profile sounds)

    Download your chosen hitsound and place it in team fortress 2/tf/sounds/ui and make sure it is named hitsound.wav

    You can also use any file you want (although there may be a size limit/length limit) along as it is named hitsound and uses the .wav file format.

    Hope this helped!
  2. Tomatketchup

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    My new hitsound:
  3. Lazlo

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    Is there any way to change the Sound the health box makes when you touch it?

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