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Servers 2Fort+ AU

Time Zone AEDT

Link to your stats page

Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. 124:06:50 (18:18 AFK)

Will you get mad if you lose admin? No. I'm confident with the Skial Team's choices and decision making, so I'd accept fault and move on.

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here
sm_ban "#[U:1:902625058]" 60 "obvious aimbot"

Anything else you feel like saying


Hey team. Name's Peely, or better known as Peely. I'm 18, living in Australia, finished school and I'm currently taking a gap year before going into the Australian Army. I know 3 languages, them being: Russian, Hebrew, and English (I learnt them in that order). I did TAFE for my last year, which earned me a Cert II in Automotive Engineering (cars). I have a lot of free time on my hands, however that doesn't mean I do things outside. I enjoy driving, going to the gym, and taking walks around my area. I actively help my parents around the house, run errands with/for them, and drive them around when needed. With this in mind, I am usually free Monday - Friday 8am - 2pm and 2pm - 12am, and weekends I'm available 8am - 2pm. I'm not the biggest fan of music, but I listen to a lot of it while playing games. I have 2 cats, as I am a big fan of cats, though I am allergic to them. I'm a big TF2 fan and player. I've been playing since 2014 on my first account, and racked up over 1000 hours, mainly by playing on a single server, which I will get more into later.


I have never been a mod of a TF2 server, or any game as a matter of fact, however, I have been a mod for 3 Discord servers (I know I'm sorry) that were 8k, 5k, and 3k members respectively. With all combined, I was a Discord mod for around 2 years (I know, again, I'm very sorry).

(I also have also been a major member of an old community server called "SMT" or "Smexy Minecraft Trading" (It used to go by ST in 2014-2015). The reason I put it here is because I was very close with many of the staff members back then, including my brother, who was also a staff member. I got a good look at how they operate, the commands, the thought process, the responsibility, and what it takes to be one. I didn't become one because the server shut down right after I was eligible to become one.) ---- ((In case you're suspicious of this because of my account age and hours played, I have several old SMT staff members and regular players added, which can back-up my claims))


Well, as I stated before, I have a lot of free time on my hands, and with most of the Skial staff team being in the US or EU, constantly relying on staff members to be on when there are issues happening in the AUS/OCE servers isn't reliable. Therefore, I think one more member to the AUS staff team is necessary, and I'm here for the long run. I can control my emotions really well, I can assess situations rather quickly, and I'm confident in my skills. My reports have so far been 100% accurate, with good supporting evidence. I don't take anything too seriously, and I know when things escalate from being funny to being serious/over the line. One thing I've noticed about playing on Australian servers, is that one some days there will be people saying slurs in voice chat. And because of the different time zones and the low number of mods in the AUS/OCE region, these usually go unmoderated. The community is something that I feel like I should help and protect, because I don't want them to experience a server that they play constantly to be filled with toxic players and mic spammers. I also don't want a player's first experience to be unenjoyable. Below I listed scenarios that actually happened and what I could've done as a staff member:

1. A large number of people mic spamming and throwing racial/offensive slurs at others.
- Recorded a short clip of the chaos, mute each one respectively, and go on with my day.

2. An argument going out of control which resulted in a Permanent mute.
- A simple verbal warn could've ended it, and if it continued, a 1 day long mute.


I'll start off by pointing out that I am aware of the fact that my chat logs consist of nothing but the same 2 lines, and that I only have 100 hours on Skial. This might seem like I'm really eager to join the staff team and that I'm desperate. However, this isn't really the case. 2Fort+ AU reminds me of my time playing SMT, which is why I want to be a staff member here. I want the players to enjoy their time and have fun with friends, and seeing people join in and start mic spamming and cheating- it just ruins the fun. With my lack of communication in both chat and voice chat, I hope you will look past that. The reason I don't interact with anyone is because of 2 reasons. 1) I rather people talk between themselves. I enjoy watching people have fun and do their own thing. I rather stay in the background, and be some sort of "spectator". 2) This reason is very overdramatic and silly, but I try to stay neutral. There have been many cases in many different places of staff members treating people that they don't know disrespectfully and giving them harsh punishments, while slapping their friends on the wrist. I just want to stay neutral between all members and give fair and reasonable punishments and not be biassed.

Lastly, I would like to add that I am already very impressed with the Skial staff response time- 99% of my reports were dealt within max 20 min of me first submitting them. However, I think the AUS region should get some attention and have an active, reliable staff member that is playing and enjoying the game, server, and community- which I am very confident in myself, in my skills, and that I can fill those shoes.
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+1 good person play with them on skial a lot, only beef i have is that they are a better pyro than me.


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App looks pretty good otherwise but how long would your service be? The applications usually take months so you wouldn't be here for a long time if you get accepted
I'm planning on joining the Army around Feb-April 2025. I don't think that would hinder anything besides how long I will be able to be a staff member for. I will be equally as active and I will continue doing what I am expected to do and carry my own weight and help out.


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Lastly, I would like to add that I am already very impressed with the Skial staff response time- 99% of my reports were dealt within max 20 min of me first submitting them.
Look at this person trying to get on my good side. It's working, though!

Also, you weren't kidding about the two lines

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