Uncharitable Spy
Servers TRADE US

Time Zone GMT

Link to your stats page http://stats.skial.com/ https://stats.skial.com/#player/tftrade/199866748

Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. 200:11:59 (07:01:23 AFK)

Will you get mad if you lose admin? If my admin got removed for no reason, I would not be mad as it isn't my decision to make.

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here https://www.skial.com/threads/admin-info.82/
sm_ban "#[U:1:199866748]" 0 "Obvious Aimbot"

Anything else you feel like saying
Hi there, I'm a 19 year old trader from Scotland that usually frequents the US server, which is where most of my Skial playtime comes from. I'm not too active on the forums other than reports but I can change that overtime. I don't have much experience with TF2's sourcemod admin tools, but I have prior experience moderating servers on Garry's Mod, where I learned to be levelheaded and deal with situations accordingly.
(If being more active on forums is a requirement I can definitely do so, just not the most social person)

I am passionate about the trade server as I have met many friends there and completed many trades on the server, so it would be good if I could pay it back and help out moderating the server and stop scams, exploits and spam from ruining other people's experience.

(Just to add about me playing mostly the US server, I get home from work around 9-10pm GMT, so I'm most active on the server between then and 5am GMT.)


TF2 Admin
Marking this app inactive due to inactivity. You may reapply again in 1 month once you have fixed your sessions