Unremarkable User
Servers Deathrun and Surf Primarily and sometimes on AFK/trade servers

Time Zone EST

Link to your stats page

Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. 320:28:34 (07:16:06 AFK)

Will you get mad if you lose admin? Well for no reason at all i wont get mad just mildly annoyed

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here
sm_ban U:1:909233934 10000 "Obvious Aimbot"

Anything else you feel like saying
I will follow Any Rules in place for the Administration staff


TF2 Admin
You have lack of application that doesn’t explain in more details how you could show us to contribute with Skial against rule breakers. You need to put in more efforts in your application before thinking applying again.

Not only that but your chat logs is not so nice which make us think that you are not ready to become a good admin if you don’t change things yourself by starting to follow our rules, playing more often as I just saw you left from our servers for long already or taking a break and starting to make reports if you are willing to help us catching them what you seen them doing wrong in servers

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