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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by jase3300, Nov 10, 2018.


do you want more maps or bunnyhopping

  1. maps

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  2. bunnyhopping

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  3. both

  1. jase3300

    jase3300 Scarcely Lethal Noob


    ive been playing alot on the surf servers (theyve become really populated lately) but theres also some issues such as broken maps and lack of the bunnyhopping plugin which REALLY breaks up the flow

    id suggest more maps but i dont know much
    pls add bunnyhopping xddddddddddd
  2. san7890

    san7890 Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor


    What maps are broken, in specific?
  3. YoshiThePyro

    YoshiThePyro Scarcely Lethal Noob


    Poorly written and structured thread aside, It is my belief that if these servers are going to be the most popular combat surf servers, they might as well try and be good at it. My two main problems with the servers are the extremely limited map selection, of which a good surfer such as myself can only enjoy a few of and the lack of bunnyhopping. Bunnyhopping is of course, a personal issue and is not required to surf most maps that would be used in Combat Surf, especially since it has potential to ruin the balance of combat. (insane speed for all classes, trolldiers becoming unkillable with nothing less than god-like sniper aim and/or luck etc.)

    A pet peeve of mine are those players that go engineer and teleport their whole team to the end of linear maps. In my opinion, it defeats the entire point of learning to surf in the first place and it can be frustrating to see those that cannot surf as well as I can (I've been surfing for 3 years and have beaten 130 unique surf maps, of which 7 are Tier 4) reap the rewards that I worked so hard to be able to claim. My solution to this problem would be to disable the building of teleporter entrances. Why just entrances? Because it allows engineers using the eureka effect to set up teleporters for personal use, which I am totally fine with. To set up an exit somewhere, you actually have to get there first.

    Below is a list of maps/updates I would like to see added to the pool:
    • Surf_Torrent (T2)
    • Surf_Twilight (T3)
    • Surf_Tensile (T2)
    • Update Surf_Rainbow_V1 to Surf_Rainbow_V2 (This version massively improves on the map and makes some camping techniques harder to pull off and keep going indefinitely.)
    • Surf_Overlook (Arena)
    • Surf_Derpis (T1)
    • Surf_Congo_Black (T1)
    • Surf_Prelude (T2)
    • For fuck's sake fix/finish Surf_Lux_Casual and Surf_Innovation_Day
    • Surf_Blackout (T3)
    • Surf_Chaos (T1)
    I'll update this list if I think of more maps I'd like to see added.
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