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Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
So I looked at threads that were discussing about the reason of removal from some maps that existed a while back on the skial servers and I wanted to bring some maps that could possibly be suited for skial. I'm not including the maps that I have may seen as buggy to this server but I hope these maps weren't already suggested.

dr_cryptonecrodancer_v6 - This map to me is really fun and well designed. It's currently one of my favourite maps from other servers. It has two unique mini games called 'Steady Pace' and 'Box Game' and both are equally fun. The map itself is long and the design is different than most maps, mainly because of the game it refers to. I strongly recommend this map to make the server a bit more fun. Most other people seem to enjoy the map as well so hopefully the player amount doesn't decrease when this is added.

dr_supermonkeyball_v3 - Back then I never seen this map yet until I went on other deathrun servers and encountered it there. To me I enjoyed it a lot because it had some unique traps, including the spook zone maze, and most maps are enjoyed if there is a decent mini game at the end or if there are more than one, this map had a reason to have that with its mini games. The map looks as if it's been well made by the background and traps. The motivator makes this map a lot harder to beat which makes it more challenging. I thought of bringing this map so the server gets more of a challenge. Expect lots of freeruns when this map comes to skial.

dr_retroland_fix - Right now I can tell you that this map is amazing. It has a really unique style and design and the look of it is amazing. There are plenty of mini games, and what makes this map shine at most for me is the motivator. Currently it's the quickest motivator I've seen in any map. Basically, if you hear the alarms and the start sound of the motivator- you're dead. The speed is faster than the zoomin' broom taunt and almost as fast as the players themselves. You are given a lot of time before it actually comes out so the point is to get as far as possible for it pops out of nowhere and gets you. I think this map will be extremely fun and challenging at the same time.

dr_runoff - This map is quite long, and has unique traps that have been professionally made. Some traps are a moving laser controlled by blu and a 'spooky scary skeleton' band that you get sucked in to. The motivator is amazing as it's transformed into three forms: first as a fiery brute, second as a spider and third as a lava giant. He also destroys the traps that are giant in different ways so you get a bit more time to escape it. There is a secret at the beginning when the spawn platform breaks and you have to get through a laser course and if you make it you get cash for the end of the map. Unfortunately, idlers won't see the laser course when they die immediately. This map is fun and has lots of secrets. I recommend this map as well to the servers.

Some other maps are:
dr_pirate_adventure (for pros)

I hope some of these maps make it to skial because it'll bring more players. Let's see if the undertale map will finally get run over by these maps when they come and undertale will occur less. And I know the entities problem on the server so some maps probably won't be able to come on the servers
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Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
I hope I haven't got the same maps as other threads. I'm sure these are completely new maps.