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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by _Turkey_Overlord_, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. _Turkey_Overlord_

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    These are just some quality of life things I'd really like to see on the servers
    Improved rage, rage is something all vsh players can agree is pretty annoying, its completely undodgeable and unfair, So I think it should be tweaked. I think it would work better if simularly to the sandman it slowed people down, that way skilled players will have to use theyre weapons and movement to avoid hale moreso than usual, they'd have to learn to fight close range. Something I think should stay the same is its ability to disable sentrys for a brief period of time as it encourages engies to find better spots and not turtle.
    Less boss range. Another thing that annoys players. Personally I think the range should be unaltered entirely it should simply be the same as the normal versions of the boss classes so hale gets soldier range christian gets sniper ect.
    Increased class limits for some classes and decreased for others
    Nothing is more annoying than not being able to pick your favourite class but for some classes its perfectly understandable. I think all of the classes should be limited to 6 apart from engineer
    These are all just nitpicks and personal gripes
    Please god stop increasing / decreasing credit prices
    I don't even think they do it anymore but for the week creditd were released it was completely unpredictable. I definitely think the high tier ranks should be decreased though, some of them are insanely expensive.
    Bring back free taunt menu.
    It was free for so long, cmon
    Firstly skial trails are pretty broken as you can see them through walls making you an easy target
    Secondly they only last a week why would you waste your credits for 1 week of wallhacks for your enemys
    Alright thats it. I'm only listing this because I personally love skial servers above all others and want to see it improve
  2. Defibyoulater

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    First things first, your life belongs to the god-emperor Bottiger. Quality shouldn't get in the way of that. Also, this thread should be in suggestions.
    A lot of the plugins it takes to power the VSH are fine-tuned by the modders that create them. Tempering with custom mods generally breaks them, however, they are still fine-tuned: such things like hale range and rage length seem wonky, but they've been adjusted to their current settings over a long period of time. Rage is something that is hard to manipulate because of pyros. If rage did not disarm all classes, pryos despite having slowed movement speeds would simply airblast hale away from other players and sentry nests, fully rendering rage useless. I agree, an engineer can engage in mundane practice by being last person standing because they hid in a vent the whole game, but that's a map issue.

    Collectively in the past the community has spoken out about classes and whether or not they should be limited. This is also another feature that has been fine-tuned over the many years of Skial VSH. Also, if you worry people can't choose their favorite class, don't recommend a limit to all classes. People can't do class rushes and stuff.
    Personal Nitpicks And Gripes
    1 - Credit prices rise and drop depending on how many players are on the server. It's a fixed ratio that automatically adjusts.
    2 - You can donate to earn the full free taunt menu.
    3 - Many have tried, including myself, to have trails fixed. But there was technical issues (I believe from Valve's end) that prevent this. You are, however, seen as more badass with such a handicap.
  3. _Turkey_Overlord_

    _Turkey_Overlord_ Mildly Menacing Medic


    Thank you for your informitive reply, sorry about this being in the wrong section I'm new to the forums and am still learning how everything works. I actually didnt know that the credit system was based on player counts, still not sure how that works. I understand rages use for pyroes but I still think it needs a nerf, but I understand its not easy to tamper with the mod. Also, theres no class limits on heavy or sniper, sniper perhaps is undertandable because what is a server of snipers gonna do against hale but heavies are a different story and stacking heavies can lead to some pretty fast and unintresting rounds. It sucks that the trails are broken as it would be nice to have another cosmetic item carrying over through skial servers like ranks but in the end you barely ever see people using them so it doesnt really matter anyway. Thanks again.
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  4. Ļeón "Cheesecake" Coɾetż

    Ļeón "Cheesecake" Coɾetż Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    [New to Forums Myself] If I may add my opinion, I'd like to say that...

    1) Rage isn't nearly as rage-inducing as it was a few years ago, and now it seems fairly balanced, to me. Of course "single rages" still grab players' ire, but I can't imagine a fix for that.

    2) I've noticed the problem with boss range is more of an issue of lag compensation, which is not Skial's place to fix. Also, I think it makes sense for each boss to have similar range, since player's can't pick which boss they'll be, and one would want some uniformity across antagonists for ease-of-play.

    3) The current class limits make sense, though a point for limiting snipers (only as a direct rebuttal to "what are snipers gonna do against Hale?") is that on maps like WeaponsDepot, the Snipers come in droves and only very experienced Hales are able to take them out. But, that's more a problem with the map design. In other words, class limits shouldn't be changed, rather instances where it seems like a class is far OP to others need to be fixed within the maps' designs themselves.

    A) I haven't payed attention to this, but Turkey's response bugs me in that—how does it make sense to price items based on the number of players? They're not limited commodities, so the economics of supply/demand don't apply; and, unless the wording is wrong, that simply means that all one has to do to get lower prices is hop to an empty server, grab some junk, and head back, which takes little time at all.

    B) I always thought the full taunt menu was a freemium thingy—something I was suprised wasn't behind a paywall. Granted it was nice to have access to taunts, but I don't think we are entitled or obligated to have it back. That said, the idea of "pay us money and get a FREE taunt menu" is... oxymoronic at best.

    C) I vote to keep trails implemented even if they must be glitched, because the handicap is chosen by the wearer and, if they want to let the enemy team know where they're at, who are we to judge?

    Anyway, would it be okay if I added some of my own ideas here? I feel that simply adding to a recent thread about VSH servers is better than creating a new thread.

    And, keep in mind, I don't mean to shutdown your ideas, rather I'm simply voicing why I don't think some of these changes should be implemented.
  5. Bottiger

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    We already nerfed boss rage so many times , some people complain it is too easy now.

    People really hate class limits and we have not had any complaints after we limited engineers.

    We haven't changed credit prices for half a year now.

    The taunt menu was never free. It was just too easy to get australium points before that most people never noticed. It is still very easy to get credits now to have the taunt menu all the time.

    Trails can't be fixed without making people download a bunch of tiny files which tends to cause people to quit. As Leon said, it is up to the wearer if they want to handicap themselves in exchange for having a cool trail.
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