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DMing me through the discord the basic your discord ID has won something and then a scam site

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the forum mods can probably see the image link so that isn't a problem
but shouldn't you inform discord itself?


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the forum mods can probably see the image link so that isn't a problem
technically, anyone can via the Reply function and using the BB Code Editor.
Your image broke my dude
found the cause. it was a common case of linking a page as an image. iCloud Photos doesn't directly support embedding, you have to download it, or at least attempt to in order to get it into your browser's download history, then copy the direct URL from the download history and use that as the image link.
I've reported to its host (Namecheap) for being a simple redirect to a phishing page (, reported that site to Cloudflare (who will likely already put up a warning page on the fake login page and forward the report to the host), and reported it to the sole operator of the .trade TLD.
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That was mainly aimed towards Steam phishing, which we had no power over besides banning from our Steam group back in 2014. Now that we use Discord, it's easy to ban those people, so I'd say we encourage this kind of report in order to keep our members from being spammed scam links.

Thanks for the report, Biggie took care of it!
Ah okay, didn't know, sorry.