Scarcely Lethal Noob
Servers skial.com | Wiped 10/7 | Vanilla

Screenshot of you connecting to the server 1 month ago or longer with the wipe date in the chat log. When you connect to our server, it will print the date of the next wipe in chat. https://imgur.com/a/yfvauj5

Time Zone AEST

Your Steam Community ID

How do you tell if someone is aimbotting? by reviewing footage / watching them ingame. unhuman flicks / spinbotting

When is it ok to use god mode? to resolve a situation which requires an admin

When is it ok to give items? never

Will you get mad if you lose admin for "no reason"? nope, thats totally understandable.

Anything else you feel like saying
I have been playing rust for many years, and its an awsome game. I have never really had any admin experence; however, I'm an eager study and I'm always willing to try new things!
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