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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Parker Dean, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Parker Dean

    Parker Dean Unremarkable User

    Link to your Steam profile:
    Your 64 bit SteamID:
    Link proof of your playing time:
    When are you active? What timezone?:
    How do you tell if someone is aimbotting?:
    You can watch them, look at user submitted clips, check certain plugins, and try to find them when they are afk to see if they have toggle on (if you are invisible and they lock onto you, that's an obvious callout to a toggle aimer.
    When is it okay to use God mode?:
    Only when someone is confirmed hacking or when you are invisible and watching someone suspected of hacking.
    Will you get mad if you lose admin for "no reason"?:
    No, i'll still play on the server as i play every wipe. It's the only no limit i can play and have fun because of the accesible wipe times and good ping for my area.
    Anything else you want to say:
    I've played on the skial vanilla no limit for a couple of months now, and really enjoy the experience. The only thing I don't like are cheaters that seem to appear on wipe day and ruin most people's experiences. There are not nearly as many hackers on skial as there, but I would like to make sure there are even less.​
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