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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gameboy.exe, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Gameboy.exe

    Gameboy.exe Gore-Spattered Heavy Contributor

    Hello Skial,

    Usually I never have problems with maps on VSH but this map is a problem, not only to me but to other players. Whenever this is the next map in the server, everyone immediately tries to Rock the Vote to change the map.

    Here are the issues with the map:
    -The map is very small with Engineers having only one viable spot to build.
    -No Medium or Full health packs, only TWO places to get ammo and health.
    -Collision with lights on ceilings and walls can stop Soldiers from jumping around.
    -Hale spawns right above and next to players so there's people dying three seconds into the round.
    -Hale can easily get stuck and die easily from an Ubercharged Heavy when using the portal on the bottom.
    -Hale has a hard time to kill players, even with rage, when there is a Pyro due to the small platforms.
    -Not gameplay wise, but the map looks very ugly.

    My suggestion is to get rid of this map and replace it with one of these maps that weren't added:

  2. defse

    defse Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight


    make a pool vote to see if it's true. Im not saying i don't trust you btw
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