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Discussion in 'General' started by hXcjedders, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. KinCryos

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    GOP Rep from Arizona asks about furries on Twitter; becomes one hours later thanks to Brony artist.

    highlights (this is more of a general timeline, make what you will of that):
    • went from total obliviousness to full blown furry in under 24 hours
      • started with her being called out for getting "logically destroyed by a furry"
      • asked "please educate me as to what a furry is."
      • was immediately answered with a deluge of furry pornography, photos of fursuits, links to furry websites, and pictures of dildos
        • Dictionary.com even joined the fray by providing an answer.
      • instead of recoiling in terror, embraced it and asked for a fursona, specifically a lioness
    • when a brony provides artwork as a freebie, she offered to pay the artist
      • said artwork became the profile pic for her election campaign page on Facebook
      • she even gave credit to the artist
    • the article was later updated with Rule 34 artwork, as well as mentioning that she has SEEN THEM
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    In the video, right before the cam cuts off you can actually see a red dot laser pointed at the guy on the right.
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  5. ozzeh / dave

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    Oh wow I didn't even notice that before. Interesting.
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