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    It is always possible to get scammed when trading with Paypal. If a person claims his Paypal account was stolen, there is no reliable way to prove otherwise!

    Now that you know this, here are the best practices for trading items with cash.
    • Make sure you get the right person. Scammers have been known to imitate people with custom names in the following format
    • Check if the person is a scammer
    • Look for signs of a scammer:
      • Private/New account
      • Frequent name change history.
      • Few non-free games
      • Low hours played
      • Few friends
    • Spread your risk. Sell to multiple people instead of 1 person.
    • Keep screenshots/videos/logs of your trade.
    • Have the buyer send payments as gift. This option is not available in every country.
    • You will know if it is a gift if under Order status/Actions it is blank instead of having a button. When you click Details it will say Payment type: Instant.
    • Request the comments to say "virtual item". Virtual items cannot be contested for non-delivery.
    Paying via e-check or bank transfer
    • When someone pays with these methods, it will take several days to clear. It will first say pending until the money arrives at Paypal. When it arrives, it will say Completed.
    • It is recommended you do not send the item until the payment is Completed.
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  2. Bottiger

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    HOW TO: Use MoneyPak, Scam Proof Payments

    Cliff Notes:

    1.) Buyer and Seller Agree on payment amount. (Ex. $850)
    2.) Buyer Goes to local Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aide, 711, or K-Mart,
    and brings $850 in CASH + $5 to purchase the gift card.
    3.) Buyer Gives Trusted Middleman / Trusted Seller the MoneyPak Code from the back of the card.
    4.) Middleman confirms code is correct and money is loaded to account.
    5.) Seller sends buyer the items.
    6.) Middleman sends payment amount to Seller as paypal gift. (No fees will occur)
    7.) Buyer is SATISFIED, Seller is SATISFIED.
    8.) Buyer, Seller, and Middleman leave rep on rep threads.
    9.) If Buyer or Seller wishes to tip the Middleman, it CANNOT be from the MoneyPak balance, must be in game items.
    *Paypal will send a nasty letter saying MONEYPAK IS DESIGNED FOR RETAIL PURCHASES ONLY.



    *While useful for preventing chargebacks,
    take great caution that you do not use a fake middleman!

    Official Guide:

    1.) Middleman will get items from Seller, and hold them until transaction is complete.
    2.) Middleman will sign into PAYPAL
    3.) Middleman will select ADD FUNDS, then "Add Funds from MoneyPak" (Example Below)


    3.) Middleman will ask Buyer for "Moneypak Code" in private chat. Then use that information to fill in this screen:


    4.) Middleman will then get this notice: (Confirming the MoneyPak card and code are working.)


    5.) Middleman will transfer items to the Buyer before paying the Seller.

    6.) Middleman will then send complete MoneyPak balance to Seller as Paypal Gift.

    7.) Buyer, Seller, and Middleman leave rep on rep threads, as the transaction is complete.


    Q) Where can you get a MoneyPak card?
    A) Walmart, CVS, K-Mart, 711, Rite-Aide, and Walgreens (Only in America)

    All other questions can be answered directly from the Official MoneyPak FAQ Website
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    I just wanted to point out that Walmart will allow you to use a debit card to load a MoneyPak. I'm not sure if this varies from store to store, but I used to work for a company that distributed "prepaid" debit cards that you could load via MoneyPak, and so I'd constantly refer people to Walmart, because it was the easiest since they will accept debit.
  4. Lazlo

    Lazlo Server-Clearing Cynic Contributor

    Is there anyway to use the moneypak method without having a paypal account?
    I have money to buy keys but my parents don't want me to use the credit card.
  5. Xel'Naga

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    You can buy and load a MoneyPak card with cash at most corner stores. You don't need PayPal to load the card, but the person you're buying from needs PayPal in order to take the money from your MoneyPak code and claim it for himself.
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