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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by reddddd, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. reddddd

    reddddd Mildly Menacing Medic Contributor


    I'm a regular on the Payload US server.

    Some friends and I have always wondered why there are 2 versions of barnblitz on the map list. The pro version usually gets played over the original, but it will still get voted occasionally. Some people even nominate it even when the server is already on the pro version. It makes absolutely no sense to have the map when the pro version runs and plays better in every possible way.

    Same goes for snowycoast/sunnycoast. I know sunnycoast is still new, but one of them has to be removed when you can get an idea of which one is preferred.

    Thundermountain is another map that doesn't belong; it rarely gets played and kills the server if it wins a vote. (it's also a terrible map)

    Some of the other payload servers run an updated version of badwater now (pl_badwater_pro_v12). Badwater's already a great map, this version improves it.
  2. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Legendary Skial King Legendary Mapper


    Thundermountain could go (I don't really like that map either), but the original barnblitz still gets played sometimes and is enjoyed.
  3. biggs

    biggs Mildly Menacing Medic Contributor


    remove them please so i can love myself again
  4. RMSniper

    RMSniper Legendary Skial King Contributor


    -1 Don’t remove thunder mountain. I like it.
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