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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by The Holy Shit, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. The Holy Shit

    The Holy Shit Unremarkable User

    so i was on the skial trade NY server when for some reason i was autodisconnected and haven't been able to get back on and as far as i know i haven't been banned or anything. Im just confused on what happened and if people know how to fix this
  2. The Holy Shit

    The Holy Shit Unremarkable User

    also when i try to search for the server on the community server list doesn't even appear even in favorites section
  3. ArayhMD

    ArayhMD TF2 Admin Contributor


    Did you try connecting via server IP from console using Connect command:

  4. Dragontamer

    Dragontamer Truly Feared Pyro Contributor


    This has happened to me too, however in all cases it was because of my internet. Have you checked if you had any problems with it or tried resetting it?
  5. The Holy Shit

    The Holy Shit Unremarkable User

    thanks for the advice guys but it just reappeared for me on my favorites list and i can get on it. I dont know what happen what everything is good now. Thank for thr advice anyway.
  6. S_O_C_K_S

    S_O_C_K_S Spectacularly Lethal Soldier Contributor

    Steam:'s your internet.
  7. Antari0

    Antari0 Uncharitable Spy


    I believe that it is your internet connection, try to check it out when you are on server.
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