New VSH: Not very happy about it

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Jephrey, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Jephrey

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    After playing on the new VSH servers, I can say that I'm not very happy about it, and a large majority of people seem to agree with me. Yes, the new models and animations are sleek, yes, some of the new changes were decent for balancing the game, but that's about it. Most of the changes were un-needed. For example, spy now seems to be slightly overpowered and just annoying to deal with. After getting backstabbed he gets a breif uber and a speed boost, which is generally really not the best idea, espcially for new players who rage instantly, the spy is left unharmed. Not to mention his new pistol or needle gun. Spy already had many ways to do large amounts of damage and the new gun is not needed. Now I want to mention the mantread nerf, why oh why oh why. I might be a little biased because I play market gardening soldier the most, but the mantread nerf was not needed. I understand that battling a soldier with mantreads on Urban for example is extremely annoying, but removing its major stat just alienates all of the people who like to play soldier like myself. Also, if soldier's are annoying, what about pyros? Pyros now have a greater jump than soldiers and are still annoying to deal with, with their airblasts and all, and if we're talking about Urban, snipers are still huge problem. Which then brings me to my next point, Snipers. They're still strong and overpowered, whether you're playing on Toys or Urban or any other map, their knockback and damage is just too strong, and the update didn't do much to change any of this. I've heard countless complaints about how snipers are too overpowered from hales that are competent enough to win. I would also like to mention that the soldier and sniper examples might acutally be a problem with the maps and not the classess themselves. I would also like to mention how the new VSH was put into the game, i'm assuming it was based off the voting thing Wheyloffle made, and if you check the votes, most of the votes clearly stated:
    "Yes! I haven't tried it, but I really want to experience new things/see the servers update!"
    with a majority of the votes, including myself. Now read it again, the majority of the people who voted haven't tried VSH 2.0 yet, but seeing the promise of things like being able to choose your own hale (Which I haven't found a way to do yet) dragged people in (like me) without any mention of gameplay changes that weren't needed (At the time of writing this, the votes for No, have increased from 1 to 5). In conclusion, here I present to you what I personally would want for the future, and I'm sure many others will agree.

    1. Revert Back to the Original VSH.
    2. Keep the New Style, but Revert most of the uneeded Changes.

    I also suggest taking a look at other Threads like Kacey's one.

    Also bring back the good ol' maps, Turret Testing, Tower of Peril, Yammoe, Abandoned Warehouse, etc

    (I might change some points or fix some grammar issues in the near future, if there are any)
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  2. DeRankAnFrank

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    I made an account just to agree with this
  3. Sonasaki

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    Well Said.... :( rip all my nostalgia with VSH
  4. Sonasaki

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    I feel like the votes were unfair and someone encouraged their friends to vote yes on that, which really isn't fair but still these changes ruined the reason people wanted to play skial VSH and not other servers because how simple and fun 1.55 was but we should do a revote because 90% of the VSH community hates the new update
  5. True Darkian

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    Like most others say, I would rather the old VSH back aswell.
    And about the maps, I only want Abandoned Warehouse back.
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  6. sehcturc

    sehcturc Truly Feared Pyro Contributor

    bring back mantreads cause I can't enjoy Vsh anymore
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