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Hi, I am mainly a Deathrun player and signed up for the Skial Forum today because I wanted to report racist player behaviour.

When entering my "" e-mail address, I was prompted with an "e-mail is banned" screen.

I have found a similar topic in regards to this, though I was able to use my arts related e-mail address instead. None of my two e-mail addresses are a throwaway. As well as I do not recall being part of your Forums before, I am unaware if I have broken Forum rules etc. even when not signed up/in and do apologise if I did.

I checked Sourcebans, Skial Stats and my steam account are in good standing since I can still connect to your servers, if this even matters in this case.

I do not know where to post my e-mail address since I do not want to make my info publicly available.
It's all a little confusing to me, sorry. It took ages to type and edit this post because I did not want to necro the other post.

TLDR: I would like to use my gaming related e-mail address for this Forum if possible, thank you.



You may want to carefully read the instructions that are in big bold letters.



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Thank you. Edit: Requesting a deletion of this post since I didn't read the last portion on sign-up. My bad.