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I read this off a comedy site and felt it was funny enough to repost here

If being a POW is bad, being a POW in a country like North Korea -- where even the country's citizens live under, um, less-than-ideal conditions -- must be a veritable Purgatory. But there was at least one group of captured Americans who were unrelenting in their resolve to not let a hellish situation get in the way of a good time.

In the appropriately named POW Camp #2, the prisoners all looked around one day and collectively said, "You know what? What are prison camp guards here for if not to entertain us?" For example, they'd spend one morning moseying about, picking their noses and doing their damndest to delay the 4:30 a.m. roll call by as much as a half hour. Then, the very next morning, they'd all get up early and wait in anticipation for the guard to open the door, whereupon they'd rush out of the barracks howling and snap into a military formation so sharp you could cut cheese with it.

Another time, they stole the antique dinner bell that their captors used to signal the prisoners to assemble and plopped it into their latrine. When Korean laborers emptied the latrine for fertilizer an unspecified amount of time later, they finally found their precious bell, coated in POW crap.

Every day, when called to formation, Navy Lieutenant Jack Thornton would ride an imaginary motorcycle to his spot in line. Thornton approached with an invisible handlebar gripped in each hand, even making the "vroom vroom" sound effects with his mouth. He would circle the formation a few times, then park his Wonder Woman Cycle, making sure to rev the engine once before dismounting for full effect. He did this twice a day, every damn day, until the guards called him to their headquarters and "confiscated" his "motorcycle," stating that it was "against rules and regulations."

Eventually, the POWs organized and confronted the guards about the rampant mistreatment at camp. Their demands? Give Thornton back his imaginary motorcycle.