Uncharitable Spy
Alot of players have been asking for more organised runs, so we can have some kind of events weekly to get more tryhardy expirience, for the harder maps.
We would have some for EU times and some for US times as well, and on different server (mostly EU or US). We could probably vote about 2-3 people to be event managers-organisers. (ignore the VIP part) The events would show either on the forums under team fortress 2 and in discord thread.


Scarcely Lethal Noob

Lots of possibilities here. Make those who can host it donator only, or trusted members. Allow it so on discord players can opt into a role that gets pinged when an event is made. Would bring more possible options into the community and have an up over the competitors.


Uncharitable Spy
Oh this would be so nice to have! Right now its kind of a pain to organize runs so this would make things way easier!