Legendary Skial King
If you don't know the rules, they're here
How to play:
The game is played by teams of two, one level 80 character and one level 1 character that is made when the match begins.
At first, a dice is rolled to choose one random boss skill challenge somewhere on the face of tyria.
A second dice is then rolled to decide on the profession of the level 1 character for both teams.
To win, your team of two must be the first to reach and complete this skill challenge.
The idea is that the level 80 has to escort the level 1 to the challenge so he may activate it, and then the level 80 can kill the boss for the win.
Easy enough, right?

But theres a catch, the level 80 player starts the game with no gear, armour OR weapons, and no traits.
The level 80 begins the game with only his heal skill and one utility - the other skills start as RACIALs (they can be used)
The level 80 also cannot waypoint. If he dies he must return to one of the five main cities!
Every time the level 1 earns a skill point, the level 80 earns a skill! He can now swap a racial skill for another utility, but the elite skill has to be the last skill unlocked.
Every time the level 1 finds a point of interest the level 80 can add another traitpoint to his build.
Every time the level 1 reaches a vista, the level 80 may re-equip a piece of gear. They may only equip a chest piece or leggings after the rest of their armour - and the gear must be of blue rarity.
So when the game begins, the level 80 is helpless, and reliant on the level 1 to gain strength.
Once the level 80 is stronger, he is able to escort his partner to the end and kill the boss.
To win, each team must figure out how to quickest gear up their level 80, while still making their way to the finish line.

Once the skill challenge has been chosen, all teams will be given three minutes to decide on the profession of their level 80, buy their blue gear and prepare a strategy.
After that, the teams create their characters and may the best team win!

To note:
*No minions. Pets on passive for final boss (can use f2).
* The level 80 cannot mail the level 1 player anything
* Characters cannot use their bank
* No consumables are allowed
* Automatic leveling items are banned.
* The final skill challenge CAN'T be triggered by the level 80, it must be the level 1.
* It doesn't matter if the level 1 is given credit for completing the skill challenge or not, as long as the boss dies, the team wins.

For the group that plays in TS we have 3 level 80s and 5 lower level people. If you want to play, post here stating whether you have an 80 to play with or are looking for an 80 to pair up with!


Legendary Skial King
Still looking for people to get together and do this! We now have 4 level 80s in our guild/teamspeak group