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Killing Floor Patch 1054 Changelog:

  • New Map - Fright Yard (in both Wave and Objective mode)
  • New Camo Weapons Pack
  • New DLC Weapons - Us vs Them pack
    • Seeker 6
    • Zed Gun 2.0
    • Blower Thrower
    • Sealer Squealer
  • New DLC Character Reggie The Rocker!
  • Featuring unique voice and effects
  • The return of previous Halloween and Potato Fools Day Achievements
  • 16 New Achievements!

  • Fixed an exploit where players could pass off “on perk” dual weapons and sell them
  • Fixed some weapon pickups giving free 9mm ammo
  • Fixed automatic weapons with semi-auto fire getting into a broken state
  • Fixed dual 9mm’s left hand weapon firing off-center
  • Adjusted sale price for starter weapons
  • Level 5 starting weapons will always be sold for 200 do$h.
  • Level 6 starting weapons will always be sold for 225 do$h.
  • Fixed some medic guns not properly crediting the player for healing
  • Fixed M4 pickup giving player M4203 ammo when M4203 is in inventory

  • New Trader menu filters:
    • Weapons now show up under perk tabs (which defaults to your in-use perk)
    • There is also an non-perk tab and a favorites tab (which players can add their favorite/most often used weapons to for easy access)
  • Added option for players to purchase skinned (like golden) or standard weapons from the trader. When one is purchased, the others will be removed.
  • Fill Ammo will now fill ammo first, before grenades
  • Removed software rendering mode from the options menu
  • Added beta support for OpenGL to the options menu on Windows
  • Added wave information to the server browser
  • Fixed changing language not working on Linux and Mac builds
  • Added server gating and filtering based on players highest perk

  • Fixed spawning in third person
  • Fixed Scrake headshot collision being out of sync between servers and clients
  • Fixed Field Medic Perk lv 3 and 4 healing as a lv6, instead of a lv5
  • Fixed zeds not obliterating on Listen servers (before they would just disappear)
  • Scrake damage reset to default difficulty after his saw loop animation
  • Pressing the “Throw Weapon” key will now only throw down one story item at a time
  • If a player dies they will now drop all story items they are holding

Map Changes:
  • Steamland: Fixed 3 exploits on top of game booths and piles of crates behind ferris wheel.
  • MoonBase: Turned off outdoor rock's collision which was protruding into Green House.
  • Icebreaker: Turned off pipe collision and added 2 blocking volumes to prevent exploit in main BioLab room.
  • Biohazard: Adjusted shop volume which was sticking out of trader doors.
  • AbusmentPark: Set rotating platform's collision to block weapons and remade a large blocking volume to prevent exploit.
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