How do I track down items?

Discussion in 'Trade Chat' started by Shnev, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Shnev

    Shnev Scarcely Lethal Noob

    So I'm interested in buying an unusual (a green confetti Flipped Trilby to be exact), but I'm unable to find listings for it on any trading websites. I know that you can find owners on some trading sites, but that's usually only reserved for premium members. What are some free alternatives?
  2. Blade D_Hero

    Blade D_Hero Moderator Contributor

    On tf2outpost's search feature it lets you pick a hat and choose the unusual quality you are looking for and see if any people are currently trading it.

    As it stands right now it appears no one is trading that particular item, but yes as far as I recall being able to search a person's backpack for a specific item was one of the donator only perks on certain trade websites.
  3. Sargent¥

    Sargent¥ Trade Moderator Contributor

    Here's a link for the trilby's, there are none on outpost atm but you can check that link every now and again Trilby/Tradable/Craftable/6
    Furthermore, without having to pay, you can go to the stats page and instead of searching for owners, you can scroll down to the "Recent Suggestions" and click the outpost trades found in the descriptions of the suggestions that show old trades for the trilby, then just check the history and the owner at the very top should currently own the item unless:
    • It was deleted
    • Account was deleted
    • Account was VAC'd
    • Account is on trade ban (in which case, there's no point)
    If the name of the user is red on outpost, it means they've redeemed a status where they've either broken Outpost rules or have a scammer tag which is not recommended to trade with and could get you in trouble yourself.
  4. fragovin

    fragovin Mildly Menacing Medic

    There are at least 2 for sale on the SCM.
  5. Shnev

    Shnev Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Thanks, I never thought of tracking down the item's history through, thanks a lot!
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