Good HUDs?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by N0WBIEtapa, Jun 24, 2013.

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    FrankenHUD master race.
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    i don't even know the name of this hud (took from schocky's configs) but it's the best one i've ever used

    if someone knows the name of this hud it'd be nice to know
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    Any other huds/GUIs with modded developer consoles besides "yA_HUD" [​IMG]
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    I got Garm3nHUD, but I still havent figured out how to add any of the HUDs it comes with.
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    So now using yA_HUD CYMK unmodified.
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    Gunna necro
    How do I make CYMK 16v16 instead of 12v12?
  9. N0WBIEtapa

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    Also I am always a pub player.
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    Looks like delihud. Not sure.
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    it's an older version of garm3nhud
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    I switched my HUD to broeselhud from PvHUD. I am quite liking the change.