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    Different maps and servers

    On January 23 2014, Valve made quickplay default to their servers. This caused a massive player drain from superior 3rd party servers such as ours to official ones.

    Since then all communities have suffered and likely continue to suffer massive player drops to Valve.

    We used to have every single official map on rotation and they all died out due to this decision by Valve.

    We hope you understand that complaining to us about it will not help as we cannot maintain a server that has no one playing on it.

    It may help if you complain to Valve about their actions here. (probably TF Team)

    Why did we remove your favorite map on Saxton/Deathrun?

    It was either causing a crash or it was not a popular map as recorded by our map statistics gathering program that scans all servers in existence.

    Class and weapon limits

    We feel it is up to Valve to balance this, and people get really mad when they can't play a class or use a certain weapon.

    sv_pure 0

    Because you can wallhack.


    Third Person on all servers

    People were using it to wall-hack.

    Autobalancing Dead Players Only
    • When an autobalance is needed, it is usually because a team is getting stomped.
    • The dead players are usually the worst, so the worst players end up getting put on the other team. The server eventually empties out.
    • It can cause the match to stagnate as the winning team stops pushing because no one wants to be the first to die and get balanced.
    • You will be instantly respawned if you were alive before being balanced.
    • Wastes a slot
    • Makes the server noticeably slower
    • Has been subject to crashes and freezes ever since its inception in 2011.Someone complains about freezes and crashes from replays every other month.
    • Has a memory leak that Valve has refused to fix.
    Voting for nocrit
    • Will empty out server randomly because it takes the server off quickplay.
    Asia/Pacific Server
    • The hardware costs 3x or more than a US or EU server.
    • The bandwidth costs 10x or is extremely limited internationally to the point where it could only support 10 or so players.
    • They cost more than they would probably earn. You will be asking the rest of the community to subsidize them.
    • Poor international connectivity. Countries right outside would still get 200-300 ping.
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