mr enderman 22

Uncharitable Spy so this came out four months ago, if you remember dr aeeuuhh??, its kinda like that but better, not in layout in traps but ill tell you whats included

This map includes:
16 manually - activated traps along with a cupple of automatic traps
few of them are still active once the trap has been activated and could still hurt you
examples being one 50/50 trap we all know and love
* all traps supports +use and bullets


multiple interactables that most of them may or may not connect any secrets
a handfull of secrets and easter eggs hidden in the map can be expected
credit room, trails, sounds, sprites and more!
* mostly all interactables has a Melee filter.

3 minigames + Instawin
my own take on few popular minigames
spinner, square game, and race

This map is suppose do be a sequal or true version of dr_aeuhhhh


Sufficiently Lethal Scout
This map is pretty detailed, also mostly played on panda community
However, there has one bug that One/1 needs update it.
This map isn't a shitpost map, it's cool