Pot Head Wabbit

Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

More or less a spiritual successor to cocainum.

Map has already been bug tested and was very well received by the death experiments discord server.

A map based on some weird Finnish show called Hyvat Herrat.

There are 15 traps with a bit of platforming.

At the end there are 5 options:
  • Instant Win
  • Bowling Hell
  • Obby
  • 32 Square
  • Humiliation
  • 656a475686f49.jpg


I have to agree with SIS to be honest. It's looking pretty bad to be added to the ever growing list of maps on the server. Basing a map on a single meme makes the meme less funny/overused, and it's also something not everyone even understands. People will only recognize the face from the "bowling meme" and that's it. It'll be a forgotten map and just not worth playing on.

Pot Head Wabbit

Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
No one seems to realize this is meant to be in the style of cocainum, the dev textures are intentionally there, if the map was trying to look good it could easily be good.


Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight
was very well received by the death experiments discord server.

I can't say that's the impression I got. I just ignored it because it's pointless wasting time and energy discussing it when I could be focusing on more worthwhile projects. I imagine others did the same because they know that Cream Tea was conscious of making it and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter whether it gets on Skial or not. That lack of any negativity doesn't mean it was overall positively received. If you fart in an elevator and no one speaks up to show their displeasure, you cannot infer that you should fart more for the people.

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From the screenshots alone the map looks bad. 25/25/25/25 doors are cringe and the map design looks bland. Anyway, it will be added in a week or something.