Declined [FF2] Richter Belmont Boss Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆

    ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆ Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Well, I was tampering with audio files the other day, and an idea came to mind, what would happen if Richter Belmont, or.. Really, any belmont came to FF2? He could sport unique rages, and weapons that other bosses don't. For example on what he could have..

    + Increased Melee Range. ( Y'know, since he's a whip. )
    + His Rage could be similar to Nepgear, and he could utilize various sub-weapons.
    + Increased Rage Generation. (However, with a downside of course.)

    - Less Melee Damage. (He could perhaps only oneshot scouts and the less meaty classes.)
    - Sub-Weapons are weak in damage. In exchange for increased rage gain.
    - Slow boss..? Since the Belmont's aren't known for speed, unless you count Richter's Martial Arts.
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  2. soos

    soos TF2 Admin

    do you have a pre-made version of this boss, or have someone who is capable of making this boss from scratch? cause if you cant answer this there is a 0% chance of this happening.

    (this also includes creating a config or a plugin [if it gets even more technical] for him)

    just a heads up
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  3. ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆

    ★Major Pootis Steeljaw☆ Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Yeah, I could get something working, but just know that i'm more of a map maker and editor, not a boss creator. It could take me about a month to get a template working.
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