Maple Syrup

Uncharitable Spy
After playing on the server with him for a few days I began to notice that Pig is a bit weak at the moment. He was nerfed too hard so I made some changes to make up for the nerfs he got. Most of the information was from people playing as the boss and what I have been told.

Pig Version 1.0.5

*Lowered rage dmg back to the original amount 6200. Was done because the rage dmg increase was not necessary at all.
*Increased amount of maximum speed from 350 to 375. This is to make up for the decrease in minimum speed.

Buffed Pig changes
*Decreased amount of rage consumed by Buffed pig ability. It consumed to much rage before making it not very viable. (Drained all the users rage in only a few seconds.) Now it should be just enough to make it useful.
*Increased amount of speed gained from Buffed Pig by a slight amount.

Here is the config zip file. Pig