Resolved Duba63 - Duba63 wallhacking

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Flaxby, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Duba63 wallhacking

    Player Name:


    7-13-2019 11PM ish all the way up to 2AM, probably more

    2FORT | US

    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    Hey Guys, it's your neighborhood Spy, Flaxby! with our next installment of Wallhackers on Video!

    This guy was wallhacking on the US 2fort server. Recorded a few "litmus" tests, where I used myself as bait, and of course he bit.

    Don't have video editing software just the nvidia recording app so here are the tests all on different videos:
    test 2:
    test 3:
    test 4:
    test 5:
    test 6:

    He was actually pretty sneaky about using it most of the time, even when hunting me sometimes. After spotting spies, he would walk to them and 'accidentally bump' into them with his katana already wielded. Or he would run around as if he couldn't find me(invis spy) and then hoom on me like a missile 'accidentally' 100% of the time. After a while as you can see on the tests, he didn't even bother to hide it with me specifically.

    Some other stuff:
    Peeking around sewers entrance:
    Seeing sentries around corners:
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