Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
This map is likely popular that i have seen it few times on other community server.

Addition Added health scaling
Bugfix Fixed players being able to stop Thomas and delay the round
Bugfix Fixed players being able to evade the motivator and survive in the cave
Bugfix Fixed players being able to camp in the vent
Bugfix Fixed players being able to camp on the far left side of the wall of the first area
Bugfix Fixed players potentially being able to get behind motivator in the first area
Improvement Fixed texture alignment on ramp in bunker
Improvement Fixed texture alignment on bunker entrance
Improvement Fixed texture alignment on bunker ceiling
Improvement Improved bunker entrance lighting slightly
Amendment Fixed players being able to delay the round after reaching the end and not breaking the door
Amendment Properly aligned sky_camera and skybox
Adjustment Repositioned a light bulb in bunker
Adjustment Changed texture alignment on the wooden part with glass above the last trap

This really is the final version and is the last time Donald Trump is likely to be relevant anyway. There were a few issues which I had heard about over the years plus a few others I realised myself. I should never have named the map "final" but since it already is I will continue with it. It's a bad idea because rarely is everything going to work perfectly although I am confident that this version is now free of any exploits.

As I've said before I will not make another noskeletons version. If you want to use this version but for some stupid reason don't like to allow weapons then you may use stripper to remove the entity named "skeleton_trigger" and it will be impossible for the skeletons to be summoned.


This was actually started years ago which is why some of the memes are slightly dated, it had been abandoned for a while and I only worked on it a little bit every so often then forgetting about it for another 6 months, I didn't even think it was worth finishing but I felt obliged to even if it were just to honour skepticalbear who originally started the map, but was unable to finish it and so handed it to me to continue.

The map starts off being like cocainum, then it transistions a little as you progress into a more office style map. (Something that had been requested, but is also the result of it constantly being abandoned and then picked up again at a later date with different ideas in mind)

This map features:
20 manually activated traps
1 set of double doors
1 mini skeleton battle
1 short obby section
5 options at the end, including 3 minigames
3 easter eggs
A motivator

For servers that don't allow weapons I suggest you use the no skeletons version.